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Items are sent only after payment  of the cost of your item and the cost of shipment.

Shipping perform from EU
Estimated delivery time in the U.S., Canada is 3 weeks, Europe 2 weeks.
For helmets in US: 1 helmet 105$, 2 helmets 120$, 3 helmets 130$ (at a time).
Cost of shipping in Europe about 2kg 40€, about 5kg 50€.
For helmet in Europe: 1 helmet 65€, 2 helmet 75€, 3 helmet 80€ (at a time). 
(The time and cost of delivery  may be discussed individually depending on the location of the buyer.) 

English (United Kingdom)Русский (Russian Federation)
Прицел для МГ42
Штык-нож Бутчер
Немецкая саперная лопата
Немецкий котелок
Стальной нагрудник СН-42
Крест за заботу о немецком народе 1-го класса
Обруч подшлемника
Пряжка Jungvolk
DRKB flag bearer's gorget
Hanger for bayonet
Ключ для мортиры
German helmet M40